7 Funny but Frustrating Comments People with Tattoos Have Heard at Some Point ...


People with tattoos have been criticized by family members and employers, even though they're just trying to express themselves. Whenever you leave the house, you'll see dozens of people with ink. Even though they've become so popular, there are still things people with tattoos have to hear time and time again.

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You Know, You’ll Have That Forever

People with tattoos know what they’re getting themselves into. They didn’t go into the parlor with the intention of getting a temporary stamp on their skin. They know that it’s going to be there years down the road. They wouldn’t waste their paycheck on a design if it was going to wash off in the shower.


It’s Not Professional

Unfortunately, having ink can ruin your chances of landing certain jobs. Even though tattoos are becoming more and more accepted, there are still occupations that require you to cover up your beautiful designs. Of course, you don’t need everyone to remind you that tattoos aren’t considered ‘professional.’ People with tattoos realize the stigma that’s wrongfully attached to them. You aren’t telling them anything new.


It’ll Look Bad when You’re Old

Do looks really matter when you’re older? Even now, you should be more concerned with your health than how your body looks. Your skin is going to sag, and you’re going to have bags under your eyes, so what’s the difference if you have a tattoo that looks a little messy? You’ll have more important things to worry about.


You’ll Regret It

Sure, you could regret your tattoo. You could also regret getting a degree in medicine or becoming president. Every single move you make has the potential to be considered a mistake one day. Right now, you think it’s a good idea, so you're going to do it. You can't predict how you'll feel in the future, which is why you have to do whatever you feel is right, right now.


It’s Trashy

Getting a tattoo that honors your deceased parents isn’t trashy. In fact, anything that’s meaningful to you shouldn’t be considered trashy. If someone thinks otherwise, that’s their problem. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. You're not going to get all of your ink removed just because one person doesn't understand how awesome you look.


Did It Hurt?

Even if you’re great at handling pain, a tattoo is going to hurt. It may not be unbearable pain, but it’s certainly not easy to endure. People who ask this must not understand that needles are involved. Haven't they ever gotten a shot? This is just like that, except it can take hours or even days.


I Don’t like Women with Tattoos

If you turn down a woman for what her body looks like, that’s fine. There's no reason to be with someone that values looks over personality, anyway. If someone tells you that they don't like your tattoos, remember that they're not the one who has to live with your body. You're in charge of how you look. If someone else doesn't approve, then that's their problem.

There are some people that will just never understand the beauty of tattoos. Of course, that doesn't mean that you should feel ashamed. Flaunt your ink with pride! Do you have any tattoos? Where are they and what does the design look like?

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I have the silhouettes of 3 birds on my wrist. I've had lots of compliments but I've also heard all of these!

I've heard all of these! And I'm like who cares it's my body..like you said, I'm living with it not them lol

I wouldn't call these funny. They're actually really irritating

I have 2 one on my back it's a big haert with my family's names on it. The secend one is on my rest it has my baby boys name on it

I'm very heavily tattooed and I've heard all these since I got my first tattoo when I was 16. The one I've heard the most if 'you'll regret them when your older' I don't think I will regret when I'm older because I can say I've lived and didn't give in to society stating girls shouldn't have tattoo.

I think I have really come on the right place for getting the perfect collection of Jeff hardy tattoo

I have a lot of tattoos & I love them all.

I have three: one on my left collar bone ant it's a Latin phrase, second on my right rib in Sanskrit and the third on my left ankle of the Hindu god Ganesh in the öm symbol

Yes I have my little boys name

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