Unleash Your Inner Warrior Inspiring Nordic Tattoo Ideas ...


Unleash Your Inner Warrior Inspiring Nordic Tattoo Ideas ...
Unleash Your Inner Warrior Inspiring Nordic Tattoo Ideas ...

I've always been fascinated by the rich tapestry of mythology, fierce warriors, and insightful wisdom that the Nordic culture paints. The way they wove beautiful art and profound meaning into everything has always had me in awe. So, after much pondering over the perfect way to embody their spirit, I decided to channel it into something as personal and as close to the skin as a tattoo. Getting inked is no small decision, but for the love of Nordic culture, I dove right in!

The etchings on my skin today, tell tales steeped in valor, courage, and resilience. Viking Tattoos by Peter Walrus Madsen (DK) has vividly redefined the Viking era for me. The interplay of intricate designs in Valknut and the profound Runes Meanings were among my top five findings during this tattoo hunt. I was truly amazed by the depth in the Animal Collection - Spirit Ink Temporary Tattoo. It subtly captured the essence of various Nordic animals. Also, the Viking Roots presented an exciting prospect to embody the 'raid and trade' era, all in a masterpiece etched onto my skin.

Follow me as I walk you through this captivating journey into Nordic inspired tattoos.

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Viking Roots

Source: vikingsonline.org.uk


Animal Collection - Spirit Ink Temporary Tattoo

Source: tattoos.net


Runes Meanings

Source: peoples.ru


Valkyrie Wings Tattoo by Naphth on DeviantArt

Source: kreastiv.tumblr.com


Runes and Their Meanings

Source: kickassthings.com

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Vikings Tattoos by Peter Walrus Madsen - A Mash-Up of Nordic Folk Art and Geometry (KickAss Things)

Source: google.co.uk



Source: deviantart.com


Heathen Tattoos: Photo

Source: imgur.com


Viking Tattoos by Peter Walrus Madsen (DK)

Source: forum.bodybuilding.com

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