9 Things You Should Know about Tattoo Removal ...


9 Things You Should Know about Tattoo Removal ...
9 Things You Should Know about Tattoo Removal ...

Your grandma used to say things like “once it’s on, it’s on there forever” when trying to warn you off of getting a tattoo, but the fact is, that just isn’t the case anymore! The technology in the field of tattoo removal has gotten so advanced at this point that some colours and areas of the body can be removed completely without a trace! Of course, just like when you get your tattoo, you should be finding out as much information as possible before making the decision. Here are the things you should know about tattoo removal!

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Consider a Doctor

You don’t necessarily have to go to a tattoo artist for your removal. It is technically a medical procedure which means that laser treatment is something that trained doctors can perform for you. If you want to put your skin in the hands of the most qualified person possible, then sometimes a doctor is the way to go.


It Takes Months

Don’t expect your tattoo removal to be as quick as your tattoo application! People don’t realise that laser treatments to remove ink pigmentation from your skin can actually take months and months, sometimes as much as a year depending on the size of your tat!



If you think getting your tattoo was expensive, then getting it removed will be whole other world! An average session of laser removal treatment costs around $460, and the kicker is that you always need more than one session!


All Ink Can Be Removed

Back in the day, the word was that only certain types of ink and certain colours could be removed from your skin, but that is just a myth at this point. All hues can now be completely eliminated.



The process doesn’t involve just waving a magic laser over your tattoo and watching it disappear. All areas that are going to be treated need lidocaine injected into them for freezing, so bear in mind that that is something that has to happen.

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You should be aware that there is pain afterwards, sometimes a lot of pain depending on your threshold. There is a high chance of blistering that you will need to bandage and care for.


Material Choices

Depending on the location of your tattoo, you will need to think about your clothing and the fabrics that you wear. You don’t want anything that is going to irritate and scratch your tender skin. Soft cotton is always a safe option.



You don’t have to completely remove your tattoo if you want to. Instead, you should choose to have it lightened to the point where you can have it covered by another, better piece of body art.



You need to be prepared for the prospect that there might be some light scarring or white patches left over from the procedure. It’s not a guarantee that your skin will be back to normal just like it was before that tattoo.

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